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Chartes Labyrinth Ball



Product Description

Inspired by a native american artifact, the labyrinth spheres nestle easily in your palm and can be traced with a fingernail, toothpick or fingertip.
This is a standard Chartres labyrinth done in 3 dimensions.

About the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth:
The most famous of the French cathedral labyrinths, Chartres is 42 feet wide and fills the floor of the nave. Oriented on a west-east facing to emphasize the metaphors of death and resurrection, the path of the labyrinth is a metaphor for life’s journey. The stones of the path matches the number of days of a baby’s gestation. The center petals of the Rose symbolize both Mary, mother of Jesus, and the six days of creation. The center circle represents the Divine. Thus the labyrinth’s path symbolizes a path towards rebirth, re-creation, a re-joining with the Divine Creator. The path outwards symbolizes the new life after we are transformed by the Divine. The Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in France is the most widely used of the medieval labyrinth designs. The complexity, beautiful symmetry and rich symbolism offer many people an opportunity to refocus and refresh from their busy lives.

About the cast labyrinths:

Each of my labyrinth designs are created from original art pieces. I work with wood, clay, wax, plaster and other materials depending on the complexity and intended use of the designs. Once the originals are ready, I meticulously create molds that capture the texture and feel of the originals. The molds are left to set for several days while they cure and then carefully the originals are removed. Test casts are performed looking for errors. Usually a design requires 2-3 mold trials before it comes out looking the way I was hoping it would. Once the mold is completed, casting can begin. Each design tends to have its own individual quirks about how it wants to be poured and demolded. The finished plaster castings air dry and then are painted. I work in plaster because it helps keep the costs down – I don’t consider these original art, I think of them as “accessible” art. Something that doesn’t break anyone’s budget to enjoy and still allows me to keep being creative. I hope you enjoy them!


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