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Bag O’Rynths (Bag of Labyrinths)



Product Description

Polished stones and instructions on creating your own labyrinth designs. The satin drawstring bags can be tied closed to prevent the stones from wandering. Instructions include step by step “how to” guide for laying out 3 circuit and 7 circuit designs. The two bag set contain enough stones for a full 7 circuit labyrinth. “Walking” the stones with your fingers simulates the ancient labyrinths of stone that still abound in northern Europe.

Laying the stones can be as reflective as walking a pre-made labyrinth or more so. Once you understand the basic pattern, the polished stones encourage you to be as creative (or not!) as you want.


Although seemingly complex, the classic greek labyrinths are so easy young children have no trouble building them… as a small hotel room toy, or vacation entertainment they are easy distractions that provide lots of creative fun. And shhhh… the bags can be knotted closed when it shouldn’t be opened!


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