If like me, your house is full of cheap trinkets, your life is tyrannized by the urgency of endless "to do" then I invite you to do what I am trying to do... Unclutter my house, value uniqueness over cheapness, lasting value over short term wants, and leave space in my schedule to remember I am more than what I do.

Sounds great doesn't it...but with 4 kids and a busy schedule, it's a constant struggle!

*think* funny for someone running a business to say, but don't buy a lot. Buy what inspires you, but don't substitute clutter for meaning. I want this to bless you, not just be another "thing" to clutter your spirit and strip time from your life...*hug*

Best wishes for your life and journey,



Our family wishes you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The last Christmas order is out the door and we will be happy to fill new orders after January 15th. We wish you and yours a blessed Christmas season...may the Christ child's star light your path!